Get Pre-Qualified

Before You Begin Your Search, Get Your Loan Lined UP

Increase Your Negotiating Power

When you submit an offer on a property with a pre-approval/ pre-qualification letter it greatly increases your negotiating power. It can set you apart from other offers and it helps your real estate agent find the property that meets your financial goals. It is important to know how lenders now view credit scoring, down payments and lending ratios. By providing some basic information, we will be able to tell you exactly what you will qualify for, and what the payments will be. Nothing is more disappointing than finding the home of your dreams, and then find out you cannot get a loan. This is why we always recommend that our buyer clients speak with our preferred lenders before we go too far into the search process.

Never a cost or obligation

We only work with the best and most trusted lenders. They are reliable. They will be able preform as they promise. And, they won’t over-promise to get your business. They will provide you with a free Approval Letter usually within 24 hours. It’s free. It’s easy. And, don’t worry, they are true mortgage professionals who will only contact you when you want to be contacted. Of course, we will share your information only with one of our preferred lenders. No information will be sold or distributed elsewhere. See our Privacy Policy.