Why Hire Us to Help You Buy a Home?

A real estate agent will help prevent you from falling prey to the most common and most avoidable mistakes when buying a home. Just as you would hire a lawyer to navigate the complex world of the legal system, it can be disastrous to try to take on the real estate world unassisted. REALTORS® are specialists who understand every nuance of the market; they know how to avoid the problems that commonly plague home-buyers.

Today more than ever, the internet has become the first stop for prospective home buyers. Newspapers are almost passè. So with all this information available with the click of your mouse, why hire a Realtor to help you?

Current information

Most publicly accessible websites are showing downloaded and old information. Well Priced Denver homes sell quickly. By the time you find that perfect home at the right price, it may be too late.

I have sophisticated search tools that allow me run one or many queries for my buying clients. These can be either broadly or narrowly defined. There are numerous criteria available and they far exceed the capabilities of the public search sites made available by Real Estate companies. I can set these up to automatically notify me when new opportunities arise and forward them to you. Why waste your valuable time looking at properties that are already sold or do not have the features you are looking for? When you hire me, I am working every day to find you that perfect property!

Negotiating and Representation

Someone needs to represent the buyer in the negotiating process. There are many forms and contingencies that can be used in the offer to purchase. The type and condition of the property, the personal preferences of the buyer, time the property has been on the market and more help determine which addenda are most appropriate. Personal details such as financial capability are confidential between the buyer and his agent. Information shared with the listing agent will be shared with the seller as well.

As an agent representing a buyer of Real Estate, Some of my most important tasks are:

  • Help you find a property
    Find the property that is right for you, is fairly priced and will result in your long term satisfaction
  • Determine the Market Value
    A buyers agent can review recent sales of similar homes and make recommendations regarding the proper price to offer for the property.
  • Help arrive at an offer strategy
    The buyer’s agent can help the buyer formulate a strategy that will help their offer get accepted.
  • Negotiate the Price
    The buyer’s agent can help to get the property for a lower price. This includes not only the initial offer, but counter-offers after inspection.
  • Help with the Home Inspection
    Recommend honest and reliable home inspectors to make certain there are no surprises. I have a good set of inspectors that I regularly use who are honest and highly skilled.
  • Close the Deal
    Your obligations and timelines are closely monitored to ensure performance and reduce financial risk.

Above all, honesty and integrity are an important part of my work ethic. I want my clients to be happy with their purchase and reap the benefits when they sell. I do not make recommendations or avoid properties based on the commission rate. My objective is to find the best home for you at the best price.

It is important to remember that the listing agent represents the seller, not the buyer and his or her primary obligation is to the seller. When, you as a buyer, initiates contact directly with the listing agent, you can be providing information that will reduce your bargaining position and increase potentially increase your financial risk. Real Estate Buyers should always higher an agent to represent them.

Buyer representation is FREE to the purchaser on listed properties.

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