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Pope Resigns and Lighting Strikes

I am not Catholic, but I found this article that had this awesome picture and I found it interesting. I could have actually posted this under photography because the photograph is awesome. On the day that the Pope resigned, which…

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Cute Video Coffey Anderson

I got this video in my email and I had to share! Coffey Anderson is a Christian singer. How cute is this baby, dropping it like it’s hot for Lord! Reminds me of Court dancing. That is so awesome, and…

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Moms In Prayer-Wednesday Fasts

So I have found this group of Moms that pray for our schools and they have begun to ask that we set aside Wednesdays as a day for fasting. I have to tell you that I have never been good…

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For Now- Prime Minister Netanyahu’s UN speech.

Here is the full text of the speech that I copied from the Jerusalem Post.  God Bless Netanyahu and God bless Israel! I’ll have much more to say…but I want all to read the full text of his speech. Netanyahu…

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Obama as Messiah, Are you serious?

Regardless of your political affiliation, this should be disturbing to you. Apparently there were vendors at the Democratic National Convention selling items that reference Obama as the Messiah and God’s chosen one. Here are a couple of the photos: And…

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Memorization and Pastor Rick’s M&Ms

Not sure what kind of pictures I’m going to put in my faith blogs but I’m guessing some nature pics and I may be taking some pictures of my Bible on a table and the cross on top of our…

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