Meet the Team

The Mile High Homes Team prides itself on high customer service.  We will do our best to negotiate the best possible terms, whether you are buying or selling, for your real estate transaction.  We understand that there are a lot of choices when comes to choosing a Realtor® but our hope is that you will choose us!

We don’t believe in strong arming our customers into long term contracts, we want to do business with people that want to do business with us.  This is why we have implemented the cancel at any time policy.  If you are unhappy with our services, you can pick up the phone and cancel!  We would hope you would allow us the opportunity to correct the issue, but our concern if first and foremost for our customers.  Our philosophy is that if we are doing things right  and providing the service you expect you won’t want to cancel!

Watch this to find out more about the agents on the Mile High Homes Team!