Who is Jodi Ashton

Well, first of all, Hi!, and thanks for taking a minute to learn a little bit about me. As you can see from the website, I am a Realtor and Owner of Mile High Realty. I am also a CPA. But as most women these days, I wear alot of hats. The most important hat I wear is that of Mom! I absolutely love being a Mom, which as a former career gal, I never imagined I would love it so much! The highest priorities in my life are my love for and faith in Jesus Christ, my husband, and our two boys for which I would give my life. I really dislike most Real Estate websites, let’s face it, most of them are boooooring and are typically designed for web traffic purposes. I decided if I were going to blog it would have to be about the things I like….real estate being just one aspect. My idea was to combine a real estate website with a Pioneer Woman-like blog. You can learn more about my professional background, and my family.  I hope this is like no other real estate website you’ve seen.

I am a self-professed Jesus freak. Not the kind that go to funerals and heckle fallen heroes, no, no, those are not Jesus freaks they’re just…well…erm…freaks.  Although some people have called me a freak…but that’s a different story. I love learning about Jesus and His character which is a reflection of God’s character. Jesus, he’s just so cool. Really, he defined being radical. I am learning (believe me this is a life long process, and I fail often) to be more like Him. I have a lot more to learn and you can learn more about my journey and thoughts on faith.

I am a foodie. I love to cook and I love to eat! I have almost all of Emeril’s cookbooks and he has taught me a lot about cooking. (And he doesn’t even know it) You’ll see a lot of his recipes on this website. I will share recipes and pictures of the things I like to cook. I’ll always tell you who the original recipe is from because I am not a creative chef well correction, I’m not a chef at all. I don’t usually come up with these extraordinary dishes to cook but I can take recipes and put my own little twist on them. I think it’s so helpful to see how something looks (or is supposed to look) when you are using a recipe. You can ask anyone in my family, they are my loving guinea pigs when it comes to my cooking. Most attempts turn out great, but believe you me, I’ve cooked a few floppers. Praise God for pizza delivery!

Gardening is something that I have a huge interest in, but have found I’m not that great at it and want to get better. So here you can see my attempt at the urban garden. It ought to be interesting because I am basing my garden on the square foot gardening concept. I am also intrigued at fresh food and using fresh, local food in cooking, so you’ll see some blogs about that too.  I also want some chickens but Flip-Man has threatened me if I get chickens.  We’ll see how that goes.

Photography is something that I love, love, love. I’ve decided when I grow up, I’m going to be a photographer. I could literally spend days looking at pictures, even if I don’t know the people! I am not that great at food photography and I mostly love taking pictures of my boys and family and of course the homes that I list. I have captured some good real estate photos (especially before and afters) and some awesome pictures of Trey playing football. I love photography and am learning more about photo editing. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my photos and photos that I think are beautiful. I hope to learn from some of you about photo editing too.

Of course this IS a real estate website and you will be able to search the entire Denver MLS, save your searches, request showings. Anything you need for searching Denver Real Estate you will find in this section and if you don’t see it…well let me know. I’ll see if we can get it for you!  Also I’ll insert some of my thoughts on the crazy real estate market…what’s a normal market?

Life, well we’re all trying to get through it and here I share a little bit about mine. The crazy things that happen in the life of a working Mom with two boys, my husband the flip man and his business partner, my real estate business, and well just all those miscellaneous things that make you go hmmmm. I hope you find some fun and interesting things.

Thanks for stopping by Mile High Homes! I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to Facebook me, Twitter me, Pinterest me, Email me…and I’m sure I’m behind on the latest social media must-be-on website, feel free to let me know that too!