Screaming Weenies

So, I am still healing my wounds from the football games this weekend, especially the devastating Bronco loss. As a Bengals fan, I do not like the Ravens and then they come into Denver and beat our Broncos. Well, you know, life has to go on! Trey was most upset over the Seattle loss. He’s a huge Seattle fan. Yeah, not a great football weekend. That being said, we did enjoy some good snacks and drinks during the Bronco game.

Here is one that is so super easy and good…..Screaming Weenies!

So you get a bag of those little hot dogs.

DSC 0449 Screaming Weenies

You pour in your favorite BBQ sauce. Of course you can use your own sauce, but I had KC on hand so that’s what I used. When we had more Albertson’s stores in town, I used to get the most delicious jalapeno BBQ specifically for screeming weenies. Ohhhhh, was it good! I can’t find that BBQ sauce anymore. But you can use any ol BBQ sauce you want and add jalapeno. I did not do that because I have young boys.

DSC 0450 Screaming Weenies

Then you add the really good stuff

DSC 0451 Screaming Weenies

My Mom used beer and Jack Daniels in cooking long before TGI Fridays. But God Bless the person who originally thought of Jack Daniels and BBQ because the two flavors go so great together.

DSC 0454 Screaming Weenies

I add 3 tablespoons of Jack Daniels and then you just mix all that up and let it sit on the stove on low heat.

DSC 0455 Screaming Weenies

We just grab em with a tooth pick right out of the pan. Fun and easy appetizer. Enjoy!

Screaming Weenies

DSC 0455 113x75 Screaming Weenies


  • 1 Bag Little Hot Dogs
  • 1 Cup BBQ Sauce
  • 3 Tablespoons Jack Daniels


  • Combine all ingredients in sauce pan and warm over low heat on stove. Serve when warm.
Level: Easy
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