Bronco Mania- Playoff Game Today

Bronco playoff Picture 600x399 Bronco Mania Playoff Game Today

Well it is really exciting for the Broncos to be in the playoffs again this year! We are all going to be wearing Bronco jerseys and cheering them on! It has been exciting following the Broncos again. Of course I was hoping that it would have been the Bengals coming here to face the Broncos.

Going to be enjoying good snacks and a fun game in our warm house. The high is going to 17 degrees today…so it’s going to be a cold game.

Being able to be in the VIP tent during training camp was such an awesome experience. We were only imagining the playoffs during training camp last summer.

IMGP7073 600x400 Bronco Mania Playoff Game Today

Go Broncos!

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