I love Top Chef

One of my favorite shows on TV is Top Chef. The things these Chefs do is amazing to me and I would love to be guest judge!! Of course I have absolutely no qualifications for being a judge other than I like to eat. We usually watch Top Chef from the DVR, so I am not sure when it usually airs, but tonight….(warning spoiler alert I’m going to say who went home, so if you haven’t seen it stop reading now) our Denver boy is coming home. I’m really proud that we had 3 Colorado chefs on Top Chef this year and one Colorado chef remains!

Tyler Wiard Denver Season 10 I love Top Chef

I was so hoping Tyler would make it further but as soon as I heard a hamburger with pickle…it just seemed doomed to me! I agree with Tyler, definite under thinking.

Top Chef Tyler from Elways I love Top Chef

It was so fun seeing someone so close to home on the show! It’s not like I eat at Elway’s every day but I have eaten at Elway’s but it’s been a while. I don’t mosey down to the Cherry Creek area that often…except when it’s Farmers Market. Ohhhh I love the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market and so do the boys!

top chef season 10 tomemeril1 600x216 I love Top Chef

I absolutely love Emeril! It’s been awesome seeing him on the show. And Tom, well eating at one of his restaurants is on my bucket list!

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