Panic, Crying, Near Puking, more Panic and Praying

That pretty much summed up an afternoon of mine this week because I have officially outdone myself this time! I am a picture FREAK. I had over 12,000 photos in my iPhoto library. I love taking pictures and am loving learning more and more about photography. Did you catch my sentence before last…notice I said HAD 12,000 photos?? Yeah, you guessed it. I deleted my entire iPhoto library. And no, I did not have a recent backup. So yes, after panicing, crying, nearly pucking, panicing again, and then praying like a maniac….I decided I had to try to save them….so off to Google I went.

And let me backup on my story a little bit, not only did I put my entire iPhoto library in the trash…I emptied the trash! Yup….it’s been a fun week. Not only that but once you do this stupid, idiotic thing “they” tell you to stop using your computer immediately. You can damage the files that have been recovered by continuing to use the computer.

Much to my amazement (and answered prayer that Steve Jobs dummy proofed the Apple for morons like myself) I actually found 2 software programs that could recover items that you put in your trash…after you have emptied your trash. One is called Wondershare Data Recovery and the other is called Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. I bought them both. Let me tell you that it’s one, big giant mess but it looks like I can recover most of my photos. All my cute little videos of the boys, I’m not yet sure about those. They are downloading as I write this post. I’ve hijacked the flip-man’s computer. I did find that I had a back up from a year ago of my iPhoto library, so I’ll be looking for only 12 months of photos, which is a lot, but it’s better than trying to find every single photo I’ve taken in the last 8 years.

I’m in the process of downloading the recovered files to an external hard drive. Then, I will have to sift through every single file to find the pictures and there are hundreds of thousands of files (because it recovers every jpeg you’ve ever come across while using the computer) but I’m not going to complain! The good news is….I’m seeing my pictures! Thank you Jesus!

And you better believe I will start backing up my computer on a regular basis! This is a very hard lesson. So, never, ever, ever, ever, delete anything related to iPhoto library unless you have a copy of it….don’t be like me!

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