The best kitchen tool ever…

I love cooking, cook books, food, eating…I’m a total foodie!  I usually love cooking although sometimes  I wish I were better at coming up with some easy,  fast, healthy dinners.  I am working on it.  Alot of it is organization and when I cook well, let’s say I’m a bit crazy!  Some day when I am feeling brave, I’ll shoot a picture.  It can be total chaos.  I’m trying to get better at prepping.  In fact I did that this evening.  I made Veal Marsala.  Sounds really fancy but you know it’s very easy and pretty tasty.   Thank you Emeril.  When I make it again I’ll take pictures.  I needed to sear the veal a little better but Trey loved it.  Flip man thought it was OK and well, the picky little one wouldn’t have anything to do with dinner this evening.    Anyway I digress, back to prepping.  Tonight instead of having something boiling in the pan while I’m trying to mince shallot (which to me, means chopping shallot really fine-am I missing something?)  I minced the shallot and garlic and had everything chopped and ready to go BEFORE starting to cook.  Wow!  Now I know why these amazing chefs have sous chefs.  It does make life easier.

Now back to the reason for my entire post.  It’s this thing..

Microplane The best kitchen tool ever...


I took a picture of the one that I have but couldn’t find my picture while I was working on the post.  So this is the picture from the Williams Somona website.  Have mentioned that I am in LOVE with Williams and his friend Sonoma?  I could easily spend $10,000 in that store, without blinking.  But I haven’t and I won’t.  But lemme tell you, if you don’t have a real zester, this is worth the investment.  I’ve always kinda tried to zest lemons and limes with a knife or some other silly thing.  Or if a recipe called for zest, well I would just ignore that.  What a mistake!  This tool has changed my cooking life. Why did I wait so long to ever buy one?  Plus it’s inexpensive.  For the home cooks in your life, this would make a great stocking stuffer.  (By the way this is not a paid advertisement, I seriously love this thing and if you don’t have a zester you will too)

I’m zesting like a mad woman now!  One of the best things is making lime zest to go in the  sugar for the Mango Margaritas that turned me on to.  Wow, those things are so yummy but the lime zest sugar rim on the chilled glass rim just makes it!  I also zested some lemon and put that in some blueberry muffins (I’ll be posting some pictures and the recipe), yeah yummy.  This is an awesome tool.  Don’t be like me, go get one these things!

Happy Zesting!


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