Was today Christmas?

Look what came today!

Silver Oak 1 Was today Christmas?

No it is only September 19th but it felt like Christmas! I love to have a drink with dinner and one of my favorite drinks is wine. My absolute favorite wine is Silver Oak. The Flip Man’s business partner and I, two times a year, order Silver Oak. And, you guessed it, today our last order of 2012 arrived!

I am by no means a professional wine taster. I am really quite redneck. I know what tastes good to me and what doesn’t and my friends Silver Oak is just yummy! Our dinner menu of fish tacos tonight does not lend itself to Silver Oak. But I’ll be adding a nice steak to our dinner menu soon so I can pop a bottle open.

Silver Oak 2 Was today Christmas?

This is the 2008 Alexander Valley collector edition that I got this year. There is a bottle from 2003-2008. Of course I will keep the 2005 bottle for a while as that is the year of the Trey-man.
Silver Oak 3 Was today Christmas?

This is Silver Oak’s anniversary year. They began making wine in 1972, the year of the Flip-man. I always like trying different drinks and wines but Silver Oak will always hold a special place in my heart!

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