Real Housewives of New Jersey, Entertainment?

Real Housewives of New Jersey Real Housewives of New Jersey, Entertainment?

I used to really enjoy watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Yeah, the girls were out of control and I couldn’t really relate but it was fun, light entertainment. That was until this evening. After tonight, I think I’m done. I just don’t think I can watch a family implode, relationships implode, marriages implode…suddenly it no longer is entertainment, I felt like I was watching the news. We all didn’t like Danielle…I mean that was easy. She was the one who caused Teresa to turn the table over. Remember when everyone was friends?

After I watched tonight’s final episode, I thought you know, why am I wasting my time with this? I can turn on the news and see this garbage. Watching people completely destroy each other, watching people tear families apart (and I’m sorry it’s on both sides I don’t think Melissa/Jaqueline/Caronline are all innocent in everything) I’m just dumbfounded, disgusted, and I think I’m done.

This is a wake up call for me. I’m part of the problem because I’m watching this trash. The only way to stop it, is to stop watching it! Ratings fall and off they go. Go destroy each other on your own time. I used to really like all of the people on the show, now, I think is there anything, especially a TV show, worth destroying a family over? A friendship? Is this what we’ve become in our society? Yuck. It’s no longer entertainment for me. It’s disgusting and I pray to the Lord God Almighty that ratings fall so dramatically that this show is off the air for good. People are getting hurt and hurting each other, friendships, families and marriages are being destroyed. I will keep all of them in my prayers but I can no longer support the show by watching it. It’s no longer entertaining for me, it’s heartbreaking.

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