Obama as Messiah, Are you serious?

Regardless of your political affiliation, this should be disturbing to you. Apparently there were vendors at the Democratic National Convention selling items that reference Obama as the Messiah and God’s chosen one. Here are a couple of the photos:
obama1 prophesy fullfilled 224x300 Obama as Messiah, Are you serious?

And the other:
obama2 as Jesus 224x300 Obama as Messiah, Are you serious?

I have studied Bible prophesy for about 12 years now and I stand amazed that I am seeing the very things that God warns us about happening right before my very eyes. Years ago when I read things about how the Anti-Christ would deceive the people and he would require the people to worship him, I thought how on earth will he ever be able to do that? Well I only had to look at the Democratic National Convention to see how! I was physically ill when I saw these images. My Savior paid the ultimate price for salvation for all and for anyone to compare Obama to Him disturbs me to my very core. Obama is nothing like Jesus, no one is, there is only one Messiah, one Savior, one Jesus.

I always thought I would be so excited when I started seeing the Bible prophesies come to life! It means Jesus return is close. And although I anxiously wait to see Jesus, I am really saddened and heartbroken for the people that continue to rebel against God.

Here are a couple sites that I frequent that help explain Bible prophesy:


I’ll be posting more about end times prophesy, but let me tell you this Obama is not the great Messiah. He is giving us a glimpse of prophesy fulfilled; not the ultimate good of Bible prophesy but the evil. I don’t believe he is the anti-Christ but he is giving us a glimpse of what the anti-Christ will be.

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