It’s going to be a long winter

Ok, so I know I am supposed to like Fall but you know what, I don’t. Not because of Fall itself. I like pumpkins, and the weather is nice, especially here in Colorado. The trees start to change color and makes for interesting landscape. But you know what I keep thinking about….what’s coming….Winter. Ugghhh. Each year I seem to like Winter less and less. Trey is excited about it. He can’t wait to play in the snow and of course there are snow days and no school.

But this year there is another reason that it’s going to be a long winter (other than that I don’t like it) And here it is….

IMGP8100 Its going to be a long winter

We had so much fun in Grand Lake this year (and it was only the weekend) we’ve now decided that family vacations, well vacations in general, are mandatory. So next year we’ll be taking the boat to the house boat on Lake Powell! But we’re going to have to wait until next summer, which means this Winter is going to be so long! Unless we hear the Lord’s trumpets, we’ll be having a ton of fun on the boat next summer!

IMGP8105 Its going to be a long winter

Funny thing these colors were my high school colors. Go Astros!

IMGP8099 Its going to be a long winter

And of course the boys are thrilled! They’ve been playing in it since it arrived!

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