Ok…so I’ve got to start working out

short shorts workout intro 400x400 300x300 Ok...so Ive got to start working out
So my butt can look like this!

Shape jillian michaels Cover 635x370 0 300x174 Ok...so Ive got to start working out

I am not a big person and I don’t struggle with weight. I weigh 119 lbs. and I struggle with cellulite. I have always struggled with cellulite, even when I weighed under 100 lbs as a teenager. I am so out of shape, it is just really pathetic! So I’ve started a new year’s resolution. Ok, well end of summer resolution and it began today. I got a Shape magazine (the one will Jillian Michaels, love her) while I was checking out at the supermarket and there is a 30 minute workout that you can do at home. All you need is dumbbells and a step. It says if you go through the 5 sets (doing the 5 sets twice) 3 times a week for 3 weeks….your butt and legs will be skinny jean ready. You’ll see the article with the girls in the skinny jeans. It’s really a good workout in a short period of time.

Let me just tell you I barely got through the 5 sets once and I am hoping I can walk tomorrow. I am still feeling the burn a little this afternoon. But I have to be honest, I am kinda excited about this! I really do not like to exercise. Once I get into, I don’t mind. But if I had a choice between working out and doing say anything else, I would choose anything else. We tend to eat pretty healthy, although I think there is always room for improvement, but my body is just out of shape. So I will keep you updated on how I’m doing. Today is day one. I’m going to do this exercise 3 times a week and ride my bike (until the weather gets colder) on the other two days. We’re also looking at joining Lifetime Fitness and if we do I’m going to try a Zumba class. I love to dance and I think that would be fun! Pray for me that tomorrow I can ride my bike!

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